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I don't like people touching my kids or me...it just bugs me.
I've done it before...when your kids get older they may lock you out on purpose. I never set foot outside for any reason anymore unless I have my keys.
I agree with everyone else...you're there, you're being empathetic, it's not CIO.
If he doesn't have any other odd sensory quirks, just chalk it up to a high pain threshold. Otherwise, maybe some light reading about sensory processing. For what it's worth, my son is like this--kinda handy given how much kids hurt themselves.
I had to use an SNS with both kids. Used it for a couple months in both cases. After that point I was always able to switch them over to bottles for the supplementing... Without sabotaging breastfeeding completely... it was really such good thing to have and I think it really saved breast-feeding for me. Even with the ongoing supply issues it makes it possible to breast-feed exclusively for some meals, which is nice.
I hear ya!  I'm not really that into playing with little kids--I'm a high school teacher for a reason.  I don't mind reading books, or doing structured activities, or going for walks and talking about stuff, but playing with toys is sooo not my thing.  I feel like the minute they insist I get involved with what they're doing, I create a diversion (let's go for a walk!). 
Necessities for me were: Footed pajamas (hard to dress a newborn, they're so floppy!)  Way easier to wear pjs for about the first three months.  After that, regular clothes seem fine and dandy. A really good carrier:  absolutely essential.  Babies that aren't mobile yet are notoriously uninterested in anything except being held ALL THE TIME.  If you want to honor this need while still getting on with your life, a carrier is mighty handy. Car seat:  I like having both a...
Both my kids did this--DS2 is doing it right now at 8 mos. eventually they stop, but it's so annoying in the moment...especially if you had planned for an evening of "adult situations". ;-)
I think babies go through phases with the places they like to sleep... My first child went through a phase where he wanted to sleep in the car seat (helped with reflux), then he went through a phase where he wanted to sleep on me, and then he went through a phase where he wanted to sleep in a swing (for about a month), and then he went through phase we wanted to fall asleep in the carrier like you describe. I can report now he's perfectly fine sleeping in the bed all by...
Right there in the trenches with ya. DS1 was a decent sleeper, but DS2 apparently is a different critter. He nurses every two hours around the clock, and has never ever gone more than 3. Sooooo, how do I function? No idea. I can't nap during the day with a three-year old who isn't napping Coffee helps somewhat, but I guess I'm more or less used to it now.
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