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Interesting thoughts... I noticed a lot of kids tend to like to look at things or people out of the sides of their eyes...maybe anything more direct is like having a giant spotlight put on you. A lot of times the empathy or affection is there, but it's shown in a way that is unique to the individual-- perhaps too subtle for a casual observer.
Ah yes, I know just what you mean. I'm an introvert so being the sole focus of attention is soooo hard. When things get bad I usually change the scenery--go outside, or get out of the house. It works wonders. So do headphones.
Ditto. It was hard here too. Doesn't help that DS1 is suuuuuch a mamas boy. Lots of acting out and whining and me not getting any sleep did NOT help. Took a few months for the dust to settle. After the intensity of the newborn period dies down, it will get better. Not the same as it was, but doable.
Another vote for two weeks.
No advice, but I'm right there with ya. DS2 will not let me put him down after 4 PM and evenings are a special kind of hell.
Mamarhu, sorry to hear your son was placed In a B-room. Sadly, this happens far too often. Can't tell you how many times I've seen that. (Folks, if you have a kid with ASD and someone at school mentions a behavior classroom placement, RUN! They do NOT know what they're doing!)
Wow, crankpotgirls! That's quite an awful lab experience. ( here, when I go into a lab, there's a sign that basically says 'patients will be seen in order of urgency, NOT necessarily in order of arrival.'). So yeah, they should get with the program .
For what it's worth, DS1 has great joint attention and gestures and still has autism. Whether its autism related or not, some EI for speech only won't hurt. Speech was an issue for my kiddo and we saw a lot of improvement after starting EI. You might want to track down some info on Floortime (Greenspan), it's a method of play-based communication/social skills intervention that I figure is probably beneficial whether a child has ASD or not...promotes speech too, at any...
The other thing I think that's important is to go out and have lots of experiences. Music concerts outdoor activities museums festivals you name it... The more experiences kids have the better background knowledge they tend build. This helps a lot when they hit the school years. Incidentally it's the thing that schools are least equipped to do.
I was working FT with DS1. I had a Medela Pump in Style and was using the bottles that came with it, and some glass bottles. I never had any problems with nipple confusion so just used whatever. I got a cheap cooler bag at Goodwill to store the milk in. As far as warming them, I just ran some hot water in a coffee cup and that worked ok.
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