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I take a pretty different philosophy towards discipline...very Daoist/noncoercive. Works pretty good even on really tough kids in behavior classes. The core idea is to tap into a person's natural desire for autonomy and competence, and to use mistakes as a teachable moment for further growth.
Ds1: sometime before 2.
Yeah, 2 mos is waaaay too early for a schedule...at that age you need to just roll with it and do what you can to encourage relaxation.
I use peroxide to get the gunk out.
With meat it's more likely a texture aversion.
It sounds like either he's not ready, or it's not the right place for him. At any rate, you might want to pull him.
Puzzles. Blocks, arty stuff, balloons for balls, bubble play, sand play.
3 years old. 2 half days a week. So far that's perfect for us.
At least the days are getting shorter! I find that helps with bedtime struggles.
The good news is she'll grow out of it soon, the bad news is it sucks NOW and you'll have to do some crazy things until then. The first 6 weeks are so hard. Hugs, I know you'd rather sleep, but you'll find something that works...
New Posts  All Forums: