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With kid #1, I knew I'd be back at work after 12 weeks, so I had to buy all that stuff.   With kid #2, I was not working, so I only needed a pump temporarily in the very beginning (to help establish a supply--the baby was too sleepy to nurse well for the first three or so week, so I had to pump after or in between nursing for a few weeks).  Haven't used a pump since.   If you are likely to be a SAHM, you may not need a pump, or may be fine with just renting one...
I have been much more relaxed about it with the second child, and just do it wherever and whenever.
I'm dealing with this too.   Usually when I'm out with the kiddos, it's during the day and I'm by myself.  I don't usually bother bringing the stroller on most kinds of outings because I find it easier to use a carrier at this stage.  I probably look a bit like a pack animal with the baby carrier and the diaper bag, and usually a bag full of crud for the toddler for whatever outing we're on.  The babe is happiest in the carrier, and really unless you're using...
I don't know when it started, but it really picked up steam when DS was 3.
FWIW, I think all kids go through a hitting stage as toddlers. I've yet to meet one that didn't.  I think it has a communication function that eventually is replaced by other words and behaviors.  Fortunately, kids seem to grow out of it around the age of 3 or 4.  I think as long as you find a way to discourage it, it will largely fade.  Barring any major issues, kids usually figure out that there's better ways of communicating.  (About the only time I've seen persistent...
Hugs. I think 12-18 months is kind of a rough stage with the noise. There's the shrieking, which reminds me of pterodactyls. I'm easily overwhelmed by kid noise, and loud noise in general, so yeah to the earplugs/noise canceling headphones until the screamy phase passes.
DS hung on to the last bottle for dear life, so I did the thing the OP mentioned where you switch the order, and eventually was able to swap it with a sippy cup of water. At three, it's still part of the bedtime routine, but now he just takes it to his room in case he needs a sip of water in the middle of the night. I have water right by my bed, so I figure he can too, the sippy cup means it won't get spilled as bad if he drops it or something. It was a very gradual...
What issues are you most concerned about? I think of discipline as being a very specific set of moves to deal with a specific set of problem behaviors. Understanding the function of the behavior will often help you figure out what to do about it. So the first thing to figure out is why is she doing it?
Since you asked: Breakfast usually oatmeal or yogurt with fruit Snack/lunch. Crackers, some form of protein Snack #2. A fruit, usually Dinner: usually a veg/protein /starch combo of some kind This kid likes to eat. He'd eat all day if I let him.
I know my son got weird about nursing whenever he was teething, and preferred a bottle at those times. Kinda glad, actually, because he was soooo bitey and irritable!
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