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My health insurance pretty much dictates the setting (hospital), and I wanted a natural birth, so I made sure to hire a doula (since I don’t do well in hospitals, as a rule).  So the #1 tip from me is hire a doula/support person (in addition to your labor partner) if you can afford one because having the continuous support through several shift changes of nurses made a huge difference for me in terms of being comfortable with what was going on around me in a hospital...
  Interesting!  I have a neighbor who had two premies, and a good friend who had two late babes, so hmmmm.
1.  Doggie daycare, or maybe even just hiring someone to come over and walk them until the baby gets a bit older (and it's easier to manage both).    2.  Also, I keep our dog in a gated off area (she's too big for a crate) when I can't directly supervise her, so I don't have to worry about what she's doing when I'm preoccupied.
I saw, why leave if you don't have to?  I say, don't, unless it's really necessary.  Some people think kids need practice, but if your life is such that you don't have to do required separations (working outside the home), there's no need for that until they're getting closer to school age (if you know you aren't going to be homeschooling).  I always hated being away from my baby...now that the baby is 3, I still prefer to just take him along with me, rather than leave...
Mine preferred to be held at certain times, and worn at others...kinda went in phases. 
Until my son was about 4 months old, the ONLY way I could get him to take a nap without me to put him in the Moby Wrap and just wear him around.  So in otherwords, he really wouldn't. 
Depends on the age, but notion of DS "stewing in his own juices" always made me do it at least every other day...but usually it was just a warm-water-only bath below the waist in a baby tub.  A full on bath with actual soap in the water and headwashing only happened about every 3-4 days. 
The way I figure, it's probably less toxic in a tire shop than in your average department store/mall/detergent aisle in the grocery store where there's tons of different chemicals flying around everywhere from all the perfumes and cleaning products mingling.
For me, that meant I was in labor!  (My labor contractions felt EXACTLY like menstrual cramps, except they would go away--whereas my menstrual cramps last for hours on end).
This pregnancy, I have had both anemia and super low blood pressure...and felt exactly the way you described.  Taking iron pills (and eating more foods with iron) seemed to help.  With the blood pressure, I was told to try to drink more water, and that does seem to help most of the time (I don't know if it actually raises the BP any, but I feel a bit better).
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