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Babies go through phases where they will/won't sleep away from you. Newborns in general prefer to sleep in arms/on mom. This is completely normal. As they get older, the need lessens. I say hold them while they're young--this phase of life is so short. You'll find yourself missing it later! And you CAN'T spoil babies.
Not all babies will take a pacifier-- mine sure won't!
I'm finding it harder to totally avoid exposing the baby to screentime having a baby and a 4 year old. So the baby gets incidental exposure. He doesn't really pay attention though, he prefers to play with toys or find stuff to get into. Fortunately, the 4-year old watches maybe 1-2 shows a week at most...he prefers being active and outdoors to watching TV.
That doesn't sound like cradle cap at all to me.
I like this!
Gotta agree with foreverinbluejeans, but maybe 3-4 times a day excludes what's happening at night.
Glad you were able to find what you needed. And yes, St. Helen's is a nice little town.
Neem oil and neem oil soap work the best...tea tree- not so much. There's also sulfur soap that works pretty well too. Hate scabies, used to get it when I worked in elementary schools--ugh!
It's real.
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