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Just chiming in in agreement that Vitex (I love) takes a few cycles to kick in. Also, at 18 months your little guy is right on the threshold of lots of changes - at that age my guy was not ready to night wean but by 20 months it was easily done. I let him nurse fairly regularly and through a few winter colds at 21,22,23,24 months and now at 26 months decided to cut down to 2x/day (nap and bedtimes). He is really fine with it.   So - I know you're in a hurry but just...
Here is a better link on block feeding http://www.mother-2-mother.com/blockfeeding.htm
Sounds very much like foremilk/hindmilk imbalance to me which I had with both of my babes and is caused by oversupply (so common in the early weeks) http://www.breastfeeding-problems.com/foremilk-hindmilk-imbalance.html I corrected it with block feeding http://www.breastfeeding-problems.com/oversupply.html also neither could tolerate dairy in my diet until they were around 6 months old. Been there, it's awful....good luck!
I agree with the above poster. I wonder if a good rule of thumb might be...what are the boundaries you think would be healthy for your son to have with his bio family as he grows older? And do your best to model those boundaries. Get help from a therapist to sort this out and be consistent. My Mom's family is like this. There is no end to the need, only where you place the boundaries! Good luck.
I had a marriage that ended after having been largely platonic for a long while. I waited about two years before dating seriously, when I met a man who seemed like he had it all (and he was SOOOO into me). We had a whirlwind very intense two month long relationship that ended suddenly and dropped me flat on my ass. It was so difficult. Since then, I learned the guy in question is a serial dater who "falls in love" about every # months. We dated about six years ago and he...
There is also an excellent book by Fred (Mr.) Rogers called "When a Pet Dies".
Love my mayawrap...it's the best. Works for us in Hawaii.
poor baby! It sounds like he is having a really hard time and I wish for you all the teeth will come through quickly.   To answer your question, YES it seems to me that some of us, from babyhood, have lower/higher pain tolerance than others. My dd had a terrible time with teething and now I have a ds who is not having as hard a time at all. He shows signs of the teething (right now cutting his first molars too), but they are minimal. He has slightly disrupted sleep and...
this post reminded me there may be an underlying issue - do you have a very fast letdown or oversupply?   http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supply-worries/fast-letdown/   I had to "block feed" my baby for a while to help with this issue. When they get mostly foremilk from having an overabundant supply, it can make their bellies gassy too, which my babies have rebelled against with resisting nursing.
What a sweet Mama you are trying so hard! Both of my babies have gone through this stage at least once...usually related to teething or a developmental burst. The thing I've found that worked was nursing in a carrier "on the go" to sleep. Or just trying to tank them up really well before bedtime and walking to sleep instead of nursing. I've used my Becco carrier, Mayawrap or Ergo for nursing while walking. My fave is the Mayawrap..my babies both have loved the snug...
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