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        Mummoth, I actually had a dream a couple of nights ago that I threw my dp's cellphone out a 20th floor window...I remember thinking (in my dream) ..."this is really mean and I already feel guilty about it but I am just so totally fed up with this phone". So I threw it out and somehow a gust of wind caught it and brought it right back in through the bottom of the window :(   He has all these obnoxious ringtones and alarms and noises going off all the time...wakes...
Well, I always fantasize post-Apocalyptic survival would be something like when my sister and I were kids and would pack our provisions for magical trips on our "boat" (couch cushions on the floor), but with more people; however, I have a sneaking suspicion it would have more in common with "The Road"...shudder... I have dreams all the time about make-shift post-Apocalyptic communities which are always happy and free feeling. I often struggle with how much of "society" I...
Rusty - I love The Grapes of Wrath too and totally have post-Apocalyptic fantasies though I imagine may be romantacising things a bit 
RustyDaisies, I'm a huge fan of old standards as well. I will look into that last song you quoted, it's beautiful.    Luca's new fave is "A Bushel and A Peck" from Guys and Dolls...it is really fun and he lights up and laughs whenever I sing it!   Basically anything with a bit of melodic repetition that he can anticipate :)     My dd is in a choir too and they're singing the song "Popular" from the musical "Wicked", which is amazing, and a super funny song...
Hey Pretty Mamas,     What songs do you like to sing to your babies? What songs do your babies especially respond to?
ugghhh, ewwwww mouth noises!   Me too...someone once suggested to me that being bothered by mouth noises is a sign of sexual repression but I'd have to say IME it is NOT!   They make me want to claw my eyes out.
that's a great question, Mummoth.!
The Biodome!
  Well I'm glad you Dad didn't have an issue with DH based on race....has that held out throughout your relationship? Growing up in Boston, MA my best gf was Puerto Rican and I spent a lot of time with her family. I dated mostly Latino and African American guys and sometimes their family had a problem with me being white. It's no fun being on that side of things!
LilMomma,   How did you and DH meet?
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