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I had my first period 6 weeks pp with my first. I just had my copper IUD inserted about a month ago. I had some spotting and then two days later light bleeding for two days and then a few days of spotting again. I had stopped bleeding about 4 weeks pp, so I'm thinking it could be my period considering what happened with my first. My periods were 29 days like clockwork, so if that's the case this time around I anticipate my period again this Wednesday. This sucks.    
I've noticed green poops here and there, but mostly a dark colored poops ... still yellow, but more like a bronze color than a brown or flat out green. So I'm wondering if it's cow's milk protein in my diet.
katringeg - what was going on that indicated the allergy? what kind of difference did it make?
Anyone had to take cow's milk products out of their diet due to baby's sensitivity/intolerance of the proteins from it?
Speaking of Infantino - does anyone have any experience with either the Infantino Wrap & Tie, Eco Sash or Sash Mei Tai carrier?? They are all mei tai style carriers and with a gift card I was given to Babies R Us, these end up being in my budget. My nearly 14 lb two month old is finally fitting in a mei tai I sewed for DS1 but it needs repairs, and it's really designed for an older baby because of the modifications I designed into it when I originally made it.    
Several reasons really ... the snuggle factor, the hands-free factor, the no-bulky-stroller factor,  the don't-touch-my-newborn factor, the discrete-breastfeeding factor, the less-crying-babe factor and last but not least the quicker lose-those-pregnancy-pounds factor.
I've seen flax milk (dairy, nut and soy free) in the dairy case next to the soy milk at Walmart. I hardly ever shop there. I can't say I've tried it, but it intrigued me.
I had a second degree epis with my first (and vacuum to boot) and I honestly don't remember what it felt like those first few weeks, but this time around I only had a 1st degree tear (along the old epis scar). I'm about 5 1/2 weeks now and I don't really feel anything out of the ordinary. It felt like you are describing for a few weeks though, including sort of a squishy-type feeling down there. Everything gets rearranged during childbirth and it certainly gets moved out...
You are describing thrush. I've got thrush in my nipples for the first time with DS2. With my first I never recognised it before it make it's way into the ducts. At that point it felt like a razor slicing from my nipple to my armpit. It was really painful, so I'm glad I caught it much earlier this time. Neither of my sons have had thrush in the mouth. DS2 doesn't have a yeast diaper rash, but DS1 did - and that was the only way it showed up in him. Just because there's no...
This is how we were with our first and given that I am pretty much stay-at-home/work-from-home (hubby also works from home) it's worked for us, but this time around I'm thinking a routine would help the entire family. Seriously - anyone have suggestions on establishing a routine?    
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