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It's been about 4 hours since you posted, any changes? I know for me  when I was induced with DS1 my water breaking is what really got things going. Thinking of you and hoping you'll be holding that beautiful newborn of yours soon.
I used this both when we were trying (first time around took us 6 months, second time 1st active month trying to get pregnant) and after my IUD was removed and we weren't really actively trying or avoiding. You don't have to abstain during your fertile time, you can use another method (i.e. condom, diaphram, spermicide, etc.) It's great if you don't want to have to use those things all the time only when you really have to. I didn't really track my temp when I did it,...
Just found this article today - another pro of IUD's - they reduce your risk over cervical cancer if worn for at least a year.....   http://commonhealth.wbur.org/2011/09/study-iud-cuts-risk-of-cervical-cancer-in-half/
Mommel - no she didn't sue. She was living in a foreign country at the time. It wasn't until she came back that it was discovered. It's just made me realize that it's wise to make sure it's truly out when it's time to get it removed - for another baby or to get it replaced. If I didn't have such a positive experience with an IUD I wouldn't be considering it again.
After numerous different hormonal contraceptives that always left me feeling depressed, I had the copper IUD placed (never having been pregnant before and then after DS1 was born.  Breastfeeding and charting wasn't a good option for us after DS1 was born because I ovulated 4 weeks after birth (and if you know about your cycles you can't have a period without ovulating) and had my first period around the time of my 6 week postpartum appointment. I will get another IUD...
People don't get it when you can't wash your hands or reach over a counter to get something. This has been my life for at least the last three months. The kitchen sink where we were living when I was pregnant with DS1 was worse. It was a corner sink and was set back like 3 or 4 inches from the edge of the counter rather than 1 or 2 (inches).    
Based on my LMP my due date is actually 9/11 not 9/9. At the beginning of my pregnancy I foresaw a bunch of issues, such as those kinds of comments, so I asked my midwife if we could tweak the "official" date. She chose 9/9 and I was okay with that. 9/9 isn't perfectly accurate (and my cycles were 28 days like clockwork) but I've been able to avoid comments like that. Most of the time when I'm asked my due date I split the difference and tell them 9/10 which is exactly...
Sounds like your doing great! Something I learned in my recent CLC training - hand express 5 minutes before and after pumping and massage the breast while pumping. The skin to skin (even though it's your own hand) helps increase volume when pumping.
I plan on using disposables for the first few weeks, so that, as a family, we can focus on bonding rather than laundry. My husband won't wash cloth - he just can't stomach it - and the last time I left diapers in the pail for too long it was a complete disaster. So DS1 is in sposies until a couple of weeks after DS2 is born. Then they will both be in cloth just about f/t (DS1 will be in sposies overnight (I lost most of my hemp for overnight in said disaster). DS2...
Still waiting for results of the CLC exam I took last month - but this is exactly what I would recommend.... and yes there should be 4 poops by day 4.  One other question I would ask - how much change from her birth weight has she had? There's a rule of thumb they go by in determining in those first few days how bf is going (which my still pregnant brain would need to look up). PM me if you'd like.    
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