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Quote: Originally Posted by sunnysandiegan It is about more things than cost to me, so I cannot comment on that aspect. Quality, content (liking it or not), healthfulness, eating vs. standing in line, and others are far more important to us than the cost difference. The cost difference is a bit unseen, too, from a health perspective. What you may save today may show up in future healthcare costs down the line and those tend to be much higher in the long...
And 4. : if you are not protecting your kids from violence, CPS may fault YOU, too, and take the kids away from you. Yes, really.
Quote: Originally Posted by jujyfruitbaby I'd be willing to be shown how it can be done responsibly, but it seems to me that unless the mom's independently wealthy, something's gotta give. Either the family's living on tax money or the mom and older kids are working nonstop to support the family. I find I have trouble sometimes finding the time to really pay attention to my one. To really listen, and teach, and get to know her friends' families, and...
Ouch! Not in your boat (my dd is almost 7, but says she doesn't want to meet or have a dad) but that must hurt a lot. Is she possibly picking up on YOUR wanting a partner? Have you tried expressing aloud how much you love your home, lifestyle, family? If she sees that youtwo are truly complete, maybe she'll reevaluate her "want."
Quote: Originally Posted by meemee her favourite thing to do even today is listen to stories about her.
Any news? [Subscribing]
Good luck!
Especially for the benefit of pregnant or TTC members on this forum, I thought we could chime in with the ways we memorialize our incredible journeys. (I think it helps underscore, for our kids watching us and for ourselves, how fortunate and grateful we are! Yes, especially if we have mixed emotions - it's beneficial to focus and preserve the happy feelings.) PREGNANCY: I wrote a letter to my unborn child beginning the week she was conceived. I got a blurb from...
ME! I don't have parents, and dd's father left during pregnancy - he's never met her. I have sole custody, legal and physical, with no visitation. GO SOLO PARENTS! We rock, doing it all ourselves, don't we?
How old is your daughter? When did you and her father separate? When did you start seeing new boyfriend? Given that you are 18, I suspect the answers are all under 3 years, yes? So, two words: Too Soon. Also, and I mean this kindly, please use contraception if you are having sex. Another pregnancy would also be Too Soon.
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