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I didn't get a chance to read the whole thread but did you try stripping them? I had some repelling diapers back when I was diapering my youngest DS and that really helped
I second snap-ez and greenacres
My DS has refused to use the potty again sigh....so anyway he is back in diapers and the Target brand is the brand I get for him. After diapering 4 kids (only two of them in sposies though) I have to say that I like them better then any other brand of sposies....Nothing beats my CD though..I hth
I want to thank everyone for the hugs and advice..I really feel as if I am starting to make my way to some sort of stabilty and really just taking it one day at a time!
Welcome mama! Glad you found us
hugs mama! You will be in my thoughts!
I don't have any clue how I will move forward and date again. Right now the thought of someone being attracted to my 2 month pp body just doesn't seem like it would happen. I also think I have alot of work to do on myself, Inside and out, before I would trust myself to be around a man in a romantic way. It would be nice to have some friends though.
Quote: Originally Posted by StrugglingMomX's2 Battery Operated Boyfriend! :
Oh mama I know that has got to be hard! I know the feeling with 4 kids I feel lucky if I leave the house with my hair brushed. I had a baby 2 months ago and have a horriable flabby stomache and walk around in sweats all the time. Hang in there though not everything that looks perfect on the outside is really as perfect within!
I make ends meet various ways. I live with my mother. We share a car which cuts my car payment in half. I get childsupport from my oldest DS father which is $250 a month. I will be getting $400 a month from my estranged DH when we go to domestic violence court on the 25th. My middle DS is autistic and so I get around $350 a month in SSI disability from the government. I am hoping to raise the money soon to get a cottage lic. from ladybugz farms to sell her wool...
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