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First off wanted to offer you a huge and say I can totally relate to diving into helping a child with Autism and maybe letting other things fall to back of my priority list. Last summer when I decided our marriage was over it just had become obvious to be that my unhappiness in my marriage was not only effecting me but also effecting me as a parent and thus hurting my kids. The best advice I can give is too seek outside help and if progress isn't made that way maybe it...
Quote: Originally Posted by pranamama Sorry you have all this happening. Call the dv hotline and also keep as much protection from the courts as you can. I wouldn't voluntarily drop or reverse any of it. Let your ex do the work to fix his problems (if he ever does) I think you can call 211 for community resources, get on all the lists and figure out what sort of future life will work for you. Maybe call a community college and ask about...
Quote: Originally Posted by MsChatsAlot I would contact your local DV shelter and get some help and resources for them. It is hard for the kids to have to wait for something....but not nearly as hard as it is for them to be abused and mistreated. I'd look into some counseling for them as well (which I'm sure you can get information about at the DV shelter). You are brave and courageous to get the order to keep everyone safe. It is difficult...
Just a little background because I haven't really posted on this board much. Last August my estranged husband took a gun in our garage and threatened suicide. The police were called and he then had a 2 hour stand off with them. I filled and got a restraining order. In December, after he had been on meds/in therapy for months, I filled and got the restraining order dropped. He had a history of being abusive to me and the children but seemed to being doing better. Well about...
nak My dd weighted 10 lbs 4 ozs at her 8 week check-up. She is out of all her 0-3 month clothing now
4 kiddos here
Oh man I could cry seeing this thread...I just bought 9 of these for my DD and with our budget getting tight as DH and I pay for next semesters classes for school I am not going to be able to afford new diapers anytime soon and needed these to hold up :
Quote: Originally Posted by Naomismom http://nickisdiapers.com/catalog.php?category=11 Nickis diapers has free shipping on pockets and she carries BG 2.0. I just placed an order thanks
carries BG 2.0? I need to get a few more and I looked at Lil Bunz and shipping is $8.50 anyone have a suggestion for a store that has free/cheap shipping?
The easiest way to go and my hands down favorite diaper since I cloth diapered my DS almost 4 years ago is Fuzzi Bunz. Mediums fit my son forever and during the day I stuffed them with one microfiber insert and for nighttime I used one microfiber insert and one infant prefold. It was a never fail diaper system. I am now cloth diapering my 1 month old and she uses fuzzibunz with a cottonbabies one size insert once again a never fail diaper system for us
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