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Quote: Originally Posted by hanno He's MUCH more comfortable now! Thank you http://farm1.static.flickr.com/213/4...509dfc.jpg?v=0 He's still grumbly but we think that's just the way he expresses himself. The pain deep in my breast is nearly gone too. : OMG that is too funny..what a cute little one! Looks like the Gentian Violet is working!
My DD has been tough to nurse from the start. I have a wonderful lactation consultant that I have worked with several times but still have a few questions. My DD has a short Frenulum (the piece of skin under her tongue) and has alot of trouble latching well because of it. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for helping her latch. Also my left nipple is really sore and red. I am assuming it is from her poor latch but am now getting concerned that maybe I have...
nak my favorite is kiwi pie cover's. the newborn ones have a snap down in the front for the cord
Aww what a sweet pic! BTW mama congrats I think I missed your birth post
Congrats mama!
Congrats mama!!
aww congrats mama he is adorable!!!
What an adorable little guy! Congrats mama!
NAK I was looking at some of these on the TP and I can't decide if I should get the xs or the small. My daughter is around 7#'s now and is too small for almost all her diapers. Any advice on sizing?
Quote: Originally Posted by hanno I think this is a good option since it seems to be getting worse. Do you remember what dosage you used? Let me see if I can find the info for it...I think I saved it somewhere. I know with the tabs (I did the tablets and the liquid because I had it bad) I took 2 tablets a day and then I used the extract and it was so many drops in 8 ozs of bottled water and then I used a cotton swab to put it on my nipples and...
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