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I have been trying to watch fm to see when they stock but so far no luck. Anyone know if they stalked yet?
Thanks everyone!!!
My foot is still huge so I called my family doctor and am waiting on a call back from her. This is really driving me nuts..I have so much stuff to do but can't be up long at all without my foot getting huge UGH
When I had thrush with my 3rd DS I used grapefruit seed extract with great results too...Just thought I would throw that in there.
Okay so I called my doctors office yesturday and asked this question but I am still not satisfied with thier answer. I am having horriable swelling! My left foot especially. It is about 4 times the normal size and burns. It is so big I can't even wear socks. The nurse at my OB's office said it is from being so pumped full of fluids for the surgery but it is driving me nuts. Is there anything I can do about it? Elevating it isn't doing much good. I just don't remember...
What an adorable little one! Congrats mama!
I have had this with my last two babies as well. I sure hope it is normal..I just kinda assumed it was
Aww he is adorable mama! Congrats and hope you have a wonderful baby moon!
Wohoo congrats mama I can't wait to see pics!
(((((hugs mama)))))) I have had some kind of sinus funk since about 2 weeks before i had my c-section and it was misrable! Hang in there and I hope your little one is in your arms soon!
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