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Thanks everyone!! I finally got around to uploading pics to my computer
Naomi Kathryn Baby Girl Birthdate: 4-19-07 Time: 1:01 pm 7# 2 1/2 ozs 18 inches EDD April 27th 2007 C-Section
I will post more later and post some pics but she is here. She was born 4-19-07 at 1:01 pm and weighted 7 lbs 2 1/2 ozs and was 18 inches long. I am still in shock that she is a girl someone pinch me http://new.photos.yahoo.com/album?c=...410094&.src=ph I finally got around to uploading pics to the computer Just a quck version of her birth story. On April 19th I went to a meeting at my son's school. After I left there I headed to the library to return some...
Quote: Originally Posted by nextcommercial Very nice! What are the ones in the third box over? All white with rainbow stiching??? Those are all small Kindhearted Women Fitteds made out of organic bamboo yummy
Quote: Originally Posted by ustasmom What a beautiful stash! Thanks mama!
Congrats mama and I hope you BP is down very soon!
Congrats mama!! I can't wait to read the birth story and see her pics!
I hope you have a (or had if the baby is already here ) a great labor and delivery!
I am so glad to hear he is home and I hope his recovery is very quick..Poor little guy he must be misrable!
Hang in there mama!! I totally know how you feel. I have been having horriable painful contractions since monday and when I was checked today I was still only a fingertip dialated. Hugs
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