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Wonderful birth story!! Congrats mama!
Popped that term is so funny...I have had several people ask me that as well and I got the same strange visual
My "carried over name" from my last pregnancy went out the window. My mother has insisted that the baby be named Naomi and she will have her feelings hurt if I don't use that name. So Trinity Alexis went out the window. But for sure no more babies for me
Congrats mama!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by MySunflowerBoys Wow! What a rockin stash!!! I've never seen so many FCB in one place! I love your fitteds, especially those in pic #36. Major drool!!! Thanks mama! The ones in 36 are SOS
Thanks mamas!
I finally got around to getting pics of my new little one's diaper stash...Still working on her wool stash pics but thought I would get some opinions http://new.photos.yahoo.com/album?c=...833641&.src=ph
I am not totally sure but I got indian ones from a co-op a few months back and they seem much much softer then the CPF I have had in the past. I hope you get a more definate reply but there are my 2 cents
WOHOO!!! That is so great for you! I posted on the other thread but wanted to say it here again. I so wish this would be me Oh and Congrats on your new little one! I can't wait to hear that update on what your OB has to say!
Hum that is a close call...I would say probably senior title first but I will have to probably : if I do
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