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Bumping this.  I'm not pregnant, but whether or not we have more children will depend on whether or not I can birth at home.  I'm in the Auburn/Opelika area.
Lori! I'm was a psych/sociology major in college and now am getting my MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and Professional Counseling. I think we may have more in common than we know. lol We also have several pets. Two dogs and two cats for now but I foster for the Shelter, too. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have a like-minded person in this area. It gives me hope. I've been doing this AP, gentle, natural mothering thing for nearly nine years now and...
I'm very late in seeing this but are either of you still in the Auburn/Opelika area? I'm in Opelika and have searched for years for like minded moms in this area and only managed to find moms who were soon moving away.
My 4 year old will be in a private preschool a few mornings a week and be doing home school Kindy. He loves preschool and this is my first year home schooling my oldest so I'll need some extra time one on one while we get things set up. I think you should go for it.
I'm looking for other liberal Christian Mothers. Is there a message board anywhere for Liberal Christians? I've searched the net and can't find one.
Is it normal to have colostrum after weaning? My oldest two weaned during my last pregnancy so I already had colostrum. I know continuing to have milk for a long while is normal, but what about colostrum? TIA
Quote: Originally Posted by christyc (God bless my crockpot) Oh yes, I love my crock pot! I used it no less than once per week.
I'm so glad i"m not alone. I hate not making money. It's alway been my plan to go back to work at least part time after my youngest starts school but in the meantime I often get depressed that I don't make money. And my dh is great. I still feel like I'm spending "his" money.
When my oldest was a baby I worked from home and had a very strict schedule for myself and because he was high needs and functioned better when he knew what was coming next it was easy maintain. My schedule fell away sometime after my second son was born and I quit my job and then worked a couple of mornings per week in a mom's morning out program. Each day was a little different with my oldest in activities, too. Now with three sons, my oldest in school, I keep a...
Ds#1--39w4d-7lbs 5ozs Ds#2--40w2d-7lbs 9ozs Ds#3--39w2d-7lbs 3ozs
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