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hello mamas - wondering if there is a group for breastfeeding moms who have babes that have a milk/soy protein sensitivity.  i'd love to chat with others in the same boat.
hello ladies - still reading along but up until now have not had too much time to post/personals.  Now I've got all the time in the world since my OB put me on modified rest for placenta previa :/  I can still work (I have a 'desk' job) but have to rest when I'm not sitting and can only get up for 10 minutes each hour ::twiddles thumbs:: On the upside I can get a ton of baby knitting and crafting done.  Looking forward to being more a part of this group going forward.
popping in to say hello! 9 weeks today and feeling pretty great other than being tired and a little nauseous here and there.  I have my second appointment on Monday and really hoping that I'll get to hear that little heartbeat (I'll be 9w5d).   My bbs are still pretty sore but seem to be getting better and I am def getting a bit thicker in the waist.  We've told most of our close friends and family and I plan on shouting it from the rooftops once we get the 11 week...
YAY Boots! I got my beta the next day!
hi ladies - i've been reading up jsut not posting much.    other than being exhausted and nauseous here and there i actully feel pretty good!  not sure if i said it already but we did get to see the babe's heartbeat at 6W1D so that was really great.  I think it is still sinking in that we are really having a baby.   
taurus - i'd still go for your ultrasound. i went in today and saw a heartbeat at 6W1D!  I also had some brown spotting during week 5 and freaked out.  so i understand what you're going through ::hugs::   AFM YAY we have a heartbeat and I can breathe and I want to tell the world!
I have been so bad about posting!   Scowgirl how are you feeling?   Taurus YAY Congrats - glad you're here!   TTCCOC dream baby alert.  you must be over the moon!   Mummoth how flipping scary!  I am so happy that everything worked out for you!  Plus you got a date night out of it woot woot.   Andthestars Please do it with no shame.  I love stalking too.  YAY for hearing the heartbeat!  That must have been such a great feeling.   AFM we had another...
I'm on my phone so quick update  5w0d hcg: 3,000 5w2d hcg: 7,000 133% increase YAY!!!!!!!!!  
I'm on my phone so quick update  5w0d hcg: 3,000 5w2d hcg: 7,000 133% increase YAY!!!!!!!!!
Hello ladies!  I was 5w yesterday - so exciting!  I did have a tiny bit of brown spotting (TMI) when I wiped so I went in yesterday to have my levels checked.  Going back tomorrow and Friday to test for doubling.  I still 'feel' pregnant so I'm going with that.  This is baby #1 for us so everything is new/exciting/scary all at the same time.   How is everyone feeling so far?  Any rampant morning sickness or other 'symptoms'? 
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