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Well, hypothetically, I would HS one child. He or she won't be alone all day if you get the child involved in homeschool groups, clubs, extracurriculars. In fact, he or she could be very social. You would have plenty of time and more resources to do more for that one kid. I don't think the fact that I only had one kid would stop me from homeschooling.
It sounds like an unrealistic expectation for two boys who prefer to be active and play fight to sit down, on their own, and "answer a science-y question" or recreate a painting or "learn about something that interests them", completely independently. The suggestions you gave would be a lot for young, active boys to do for an hour even with a parent right there guiding them. I like Red Pajama's idea of a no toy hour, but you would have to work on establishing that routine,...
Blech, that sounds terrible. And yes, close to impossible. My family would hate that, but I would never even consider all that driving for soccer a possibility unless I had a kid that was begging me to take soccer. Sounds like you need to just follow what the kids want to do and fill in the gaps with those little once a month things that you all enjoy. They sound busy enough as it is, if they are happy, why complicate things. Your farm sounds great! Congrats!
No, I would never leave my kids at the park at 7 or 8. There are safer alternatives to teaching your kids independence. I am by no means a helicopter mom, and I let my 3 toddlers run in different directions at the park all the time, but as long as I can see them, it's fine. However dropping off a 7 year old is just stupid. If the kid can walk there and back (and its safe), that is different. Too many times, the unattended kids end up being watched by OTHER parents anyway...
I guess I'm not up on the birth climate here because I had twins, with a complete previa from 18 weeks so my only option was a c/s, but Kent General is baby friendly. They have state of the art maternity floors and NICU, all new. I would say KG is way better than Christiana. I had Dr. Khan in Dover for both my pregnancies and I loved her, super professional, skilled, and sweet and best of all, open minded. Anyway, I'm in slower lower, too. Welcome to the area!
My 11 year old niece loves Martha Speaks, it comes on PBS Kids. She doesn't really watch too many TV shows. She would rather watch documentaries about Dinosaurs lol. Netflix is nice bc you have access to tons of documentaries.
I'm not sure where you live now, but we just moved away from Charlottesville, Virginia (and plan on moving back as soon as we can). They had a decent sized secular homeschool population and tons to do for HSers during the day. Also, the public schools are amazing (more so county schools than city) which is always a priority for me when searching a new hometown because you never know what could happen to the mom and the dad may not be able to continue HSing. Or maybe you...
Well being openly angry doesn't help anyone and it will only make you feel worse (as you well know!). I have "forced" DD into the carseat before but I did it while being calm and explaining why I was doing it.
She sounds a lot like my little 3 year old girl! Maybe we should introduce them! I think you handled those situations very well. But since you asked, this is what I think I would have done. In scenario #1, DD has often refused to get in the carseat. Everything with her is that she wants to do it herself. If I have already given her several chances to get in her seat by herself, I'll just calmly pick her up and put her in her seat while saying that she had several...
Taking 3-4 months is no biggie at all. I think its a great idea to just nest, sounds like you and your kids need to time "off" anyway. When spring rolls around, you may all be ready to get out and be rejuvenated!
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