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We've watched your video three times already and Olivia screams every time it ends because she wants to see it again! lol
Livvy had her 6m appt today.  She was only 25.5" and 14lb2oz.  She's tiny!  That's only 18th % for weight, such a difference from what I remember of her brothers at this age.   Developmentally she's sitting on her own and only topples over after a few minutes.  She's saying dada and babbling a few other sounds.  She can roll both ways, but doesn't do either very frequently because someone is almost always holding her.  Hitting all the milestones, I guess.  The newest...
Thanks!  They are adorable, but the boys are desperately in need of hair cuts!  
All of your babies are adorable!  I really wish we lived close together so we could raise these munchkins together.  I'm having a rough time lately with the lack of a "village".     Anyway.....I haven't posted pictures since Christmas.  I must remedy that!     Nik & Livvy   Me with all of the kids.     Nate & Livvy     Constantly playing with her tongue means she often has this expression on her face.
I read your post before you deleted it but didn't have a free hand to respond.  It is most definitely not you!!!  That would irritate me greatly.  I wish I had some suggestions for you but I'm not very good at handling those kinds of situations.  *hugs*
I love all of the Christmas card photos!  This was ours.   And 4 months old already?!  Where has the time gone?   Merry Christmas!
Awwww!  The boys used to do that.  I only have one picture, and it's not a very good one.  I wish I had made Marc get a few good ones for me.  Years down the road you'll be so very glad you have this photo.   I have to share this one from two days ago because something about it makes me laugh every time I see it.  The goofy look?  The dog?  I don't know, but it makes me laugh.    
Finn and Olivia definitely look alike!      
It has been a while since I posted any pics and since I love seeing all of your cute babies I thought it only fair that I shared some more of mine.            
I feel like a mom to my boys, but I don't remember when that feeling hit me.  However, I still feel like I'm playing house with Olivia.  Maybe because it's so hard for me to imagine mothering a daughter?  Anyway, it's not just a feeling for first time moms, apparently!  lol  
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