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Do you stay in your House while he's mowing? If so, that is potentially just as dangerous....
Idontthink he needs to beconcerne, personally. Could he wear the toddler in a backpack?
Also?  It's a bunch of white, upperclass women.  THere might have been one woman with brown skin tones, I couldn't really tell....
Op, you are talking about two months since you've seen your sd, right? Why would you even consider just boxing her stuff up and being done?! The teen years are a difficult time, and teenagers can be immature and reactionary. Unfortunately, this teen doesn't have the benefit of daily living with the parent she's angry with. I would def recommend your husband and you get into counselling so you are ready to welcome sd back with loving arms the minute she is ready to...
Love despereaux but it definitely has violence and scary parts.
I would take him to the doctor. It is a sign of celiac, ibs, allergies.
If he says he is not hungry, can you put the food away until he is?  Rather than sitting at the table for such a long time, give him the twenty minutes and move on.  At school, can he keep his lunch for a snack after school if he doesn't eat it at lunch time?
I would argue that a couple of toys for one's children and a tattoo are nowhere near the same thing.  Kids need to play - it's their work.  Toys help facilitate that.  Nobody needs a tattoo.  It is purely a luxury item. 
Get - Polio Measles Mumps (all separate)   Decline - Hep gardasil chicken pox
I co slept with a newborn and a four year old. The key is to have a big enough bed. We had a queen with a twin next to it. My four year old was excited about his baby brother sleeping with us and daddy. It went baby, me, older son, husband. By a couple weeks old, I would sometimes sleep me, baby, older son, husband. But I kept my around baby. By a couple months old, I didn't worry at all about who slept where.
New Posts  All Forums: