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http://www.homedit.com/60-under-stairs-storage-ideas-for-small-spaces/. Good ideas here. I also would love drawers like this - http://inhabitat.com/a-brilliant-storage-idea-staircase-drawers/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/stairsfull.jpg http://cdn.homedit.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/storage-ideas-under-stairs-in-hallway.jpg
When some of my kids were younger they would have been happy to invite every kid they knew.  I don't really like havign an enourmous party.  I think it is okay to attend a birthday party (one were the entire class is invited, for example), and not invite that child to one's own party (where it is just 1 or two kids).  As an adult, I have gone to parties where I don't reciprocate.  A holiday open house, for example, versus a small dinner party I am hosting.
I would love to do away with gift giving at the holidays and just exchange birthday gifts.  Gifts are a big part of what stresses me out about the holidays - the obligation to give a gift to every single family member plus teachers - etc....  It's a lot all at once.  My sisters and I don't exchange birthday gifts, but we do Christmas.  Lame.  But there doesn't seem to be a way out of it. 
Way about listening to an audiobook while reading along?
Not holier than thou.  Just reality. 
Only on MDC.  A tattoo is a luxury.  No debate about that.  When you have trouble making ends meet - you don't get luxuries.  If someone was living hand - t- mouth withOUT government assistance, would anyone encourage her to get a tattoo?  I doubt it.  That would be seen as irresponsible.  But when you are receiving aid, don't let anyone hold you back!
Yes. Their orcas has killed some people. Probably because of the mistreatment he received . I'm not a PETA type either. But the documentary blackfish was horrifying.
I hate to be a downer, but please don't got to sea world.  They are notorious for mistreatment of orcas  Watch Blackfish for more info.
THis is an interesting article: http://www.debrapascalibonaro.com/bali-nyambutin-ceremony-baby-first-touches-the-mother-earth-2/ I agree - can't overwear a baby. 
what if her bio child had ODD?  What would she do then? W ould she make plans to leave the child with a grandparent or something?  Maybe he has ODD for a reason, like not feeling a strong attachment to dad?
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