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You only need one room for seven people?  I would just plan on two rooms, and that way you are set no matter what.  It doesn't sound like you are flying.    This is the kind of thing that stands out in most kids' minds.  "The time you all went to disney without me."  He is 10.  There is a part of me that thinks you should just take him no matter what.  What if he was your biological child?  Would you consider leaving him behind then?  He 'is' your husband's bio child. ...
It sounds normal to me, too.  I will say, that with my last baby, I was 9 years older than I was with my first, and I thought it was much harder, even though I was probably getting more sleep total with last baby.  I think the older 'we' get, the harder it is to go without sleep.    If you do think this baby is waking more than is normal - I would check for pinworms, teething, ear infection....
I would tell him it's Disney and let him decide. Isn't having the entire family there more important than the photograph of only some of the kids in the car? You must have thought he might have wanted to go, or you wouldn't post here. Why not give him all the info? Unless you want a way out. I think it's crappy what you're planning to do.
Yes, and your husband may be very angry with the way this turned out when he comes to his senses.
I agree with rRNA. On,y one set extra per size of bed. For a while I only had one set of sheets per bed and would just strip the bed, wash and put right back on. The problem was if someone got sick. We ave had to sleep on top of a blanket before.
Kblackstone, I hope you wills seriously consider ending this relationship, and then seeking counselling for yourself before entering another relationship. You seem to have a history of choosing men that have serious issues. It might make sense for you to figure out why that keeps happening. This current boyfriend is really immature. The Facebook thing is something a high schooler would do, not a grown man.
I saw this on new posts and I thought it was the holiday helper thread...
I don't know about vomiting, but my daughter went through a period where she would have a low grade fever (around 101) every night for a couple of weeks.  I took her to the doctor but they couldn't find anything wrong.  her ped thought she was probably fighting something small and as long as she didn't get any worse to just wait it out.  Maybe that's what's happening with your son?
I, too, brought my younger children to several level II ultra sounds with my last pregnancy.  I am really surprised that anyone would try to dissuade you.
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