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But what if the baby is content and quiet??  I would assume that any reasonable person would not keep a fussing baby in class.  You can't count on many adults to be quiet and respectful of others, we still give them a chance to be.
  re the first bolded, you find a quiet baby a bigger distraction then a fidgeter?  If that is the case, I would really think that is your problem.  re the second bolded, I guess I am surprised that there would ever be a place that some don't consider appropriate for mother and baby.  A baby is an extension of mother especially in the newborn stage.   I think the op is right to "Complain" about not being allowed to have a newborn in class.  That is crazy.  If the bbay...
  the op has paid for college too.  what if her baby ISN'T a distraction?  Should she still have to forfeit her tuition?  
  sorry - didn't mean to upset you.  you said you were distracted by fidgeting.  what difference does it make what is the actual distraction?
Op -   Just wanted to encourage and support you!  Women have been doing all sorts of things throughout history with their babies nearby.  It makes me sad that even on such a progressive board as mdc, women think your only option is to pump and leave baby, or take online classes.  I think it is very worth asking your professors.  I have a friend who finished college with a newborn.  She kept baby with her in Ohio in the late 90's.  You might be surprised by your...
  so, how do you handle that?  Do you ask the school to ban fidgeting?
  Should have read ahead - great post!
Regarding the bolded.  Crying is a late signal of hunger.  There are many cues that happen before a baby starts crying to indicate hubnger, like rooting, putting fists in mouth, all nice and quiet.
THis.  I am always surprised when people claim a  baby would be a distraction, especially a newborn.  What if people adjusted their idea of "distraction" to include the normal (quiet) noises of a newborn.  People clear their throats, their phones might accidentally go off, etc... wuld a baby really make more noise than that?  Doubtful.
I am a LLL leader, and one thing I always tell moms is if you don't have a built in community of support, sometimes you have to "buy" that community.  You should not feel guilty about needing help.  I think a lot of people are just jealous/resentful that they don't have the same resources. 
New Posts  All Forums: