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Regarding the bolded.  Crying is a late signal of hunger.  There are many cues that happen before a baby starts crying to indicate hubnger, like rooting, putting fists in mouth, all nice and quiet.
THis.  I am always surprised when people claim a  baby would be a distraction, especially a newborn.  What if people adjusted their idea of "distraction" to include the normal (quiet) noises of a newborn.  People clear their throats, their phones might accidentally go off, etc... wuld a baby really make more noise than that?  Doubtful.
I am a LLL leader, and one thing I always tell moms is if you don't have a built in community of support, sometimes you have to "buy" that community.  You should not feel guilty about needing help.  I think a lot of people are just jealous/resentful that they don't have the same resources. 
      I happen to be really grateful for experts like the surgeon who performed life saving open-heart surgery on one of my children.  I guess as I've gotten older, I've realized most doctors don't have sinister reasons for what they do, they really do care about their patients and want the best outcome in most situations.  
  And generally, this is true.  Despite the perceptions in this board - most of the doctors in the US are professional and are looking out for us, the patient.
yes.  exactly.  and some women can have a really terrible and what would seem to be, traumatic births, and still not care.  I mean, I have a friend who was, what I consider, bullied into a cs.  She really doesn't care.  She doesn't look back on that birth and feel sad or angry.  She really is just happy to have her son.  And so, does that make her a sheep, or ignorant, or unfeeling?  Or does it just make her someone who doesn't happen to care about that particular...
Liz - I just looked at your blog.  Aquila was beautiful.  I am so sorry for your loss.
    Thank you.   
    Yes, what would happen then?  
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