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I am sure it is just really ripe :)  I would use it without worry in baking, and if I could stand the taste, I would eat in uncooked. 
that's what I do, too.
This sounds great - I'm adding it to my queue.
DO they have a good beef jerkey?
This is very helpful - thanks!!
okay - I guess what she means is the rear anchor. can you install a forward facing convertable car seat with the latch (so it's just hooked on the bottom) but with no rear tether over the back of the seat?
subbing - because this is fascinating to me.  I would love to find something like this.  I am at -6.0 in both eyes.  What kind of opthamologists do this?
My sister has a 2001 honda oddysey.  SHe doesn't think the captains chairs in the middle row have latch.  Is there a place to check on line to see if it does?   TIA
I thought that was enamel, and it is "safe".  I will be watching to see what others say...
    You need to nurse him during take off and landing for it to help with his ears - so you may have to take him out of the carseat.  You can check the carseat, too.  I always held my babies on my lap during flights.    I would be concerned about the full body scanners.  But I also don't want to be groped by a TSA agent.  I don't have any advice for you about that.   Good luck!  
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