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I think it was great to do especially if he is a jerk. Maybe it will Napier him to kindness, too. I ink it was great. Now go get ourself some glovesM
I had all my babies in the middle from birth. When they were really little I usually kept my arm around them. If dad is not using drugs, or excessive alcohol, I don't see the problem...
I don't think it's much more of an extra step to clean the foreskin. I guess you could ask him if he thinks you should cut off one of the baby's ears so there's less to clean.
Why are so many years-old threads popping up now? How are people even finding them to comment on? I thought a while back a bunch of treads were archived, were they "de-archived"? It's just weird seeing a thread pop up from 2006...
If they were married, I would be surprised that someone would make that sort of official commitment without knowing where someone stands on such a big topic.
[[SPOILER]]You are having a baby together and you're not sure of his religion? Are you married?
this is adorable.  And the hat is cute, too ;)
When we care for babies and support mothers in caring for their babies, it IS best for the majority.
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