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ACtually, they aren't.  The people in my circles assume (without an explicit invite) that babies go with moms.  Unless mom chooses otherwise.  I feel sorry for people who don't have that kind of village.
Not if you are nursing on demand. 
Well, moms do have the food.  Can.should babies form attachments to other people?  Absolutely!  B ut some babies can't go very long, or have an unpredictable schedule, without eating (that's where mom comes in).  One of my babies was a grazer.  Still attached to dad/grandma/grandpa/etc... but I was always nearby.
some people don't like  black people.  should we just bow to those people's wishes, too?   I would expect most thinking people to understand that mothers and babies belong together.  it shouldn't need to be said.  And when/if baby makes noise, step out.  But to ban all babies outright?  Lame, IMO. 
[[/RIGHT]Humans make noise. I guess I take that as part of the cost of doing business with humanity. What if I don't want o hear someone's obnoxious laugh? Should they not be allowed?
Because it shouldn't be seen as extreme to meet an infants needs. Especially on mdc.
weird and non-intuitive.  I hate the new subforum arrangements....
It's under mindful home > arts and crafts >
. This response is sad. Not leaving a four month old is extreme?!
I wrote what I perceived her saying. I think that's still allowed.
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