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I guess I want my children to be intelligent and Sid enough to realise that sometimes rules re wrong, and they may have to break them ala jean val jean.
I didn't say anything about your husband throwing a fit. It's about respecting those you love. You would not walk away from your husband in his time of need. Why would you do so with your child?
[quote name="Linda on the move" url="/community/t/1389451/leaving-your-3-4-year-old-crying-at-preschool-isnt-it-the-same-as-crying-it- I don't think that leaving my child with another caring adult is leaving them to cry it out. [/quote] What if your husband really wanted to talk to 'you'? Would you think it's okay to say, sorry, but I'm going to leave you with this other really caring woman?
Is there directions for the sleeping mats?
that sounds nice, but it wouldn't work for people who are sick or have chronic illnesses.  My family has to have access to modern medicine (congenital heart defect).
how do you make your swaddles?
I just saw area Ly cute wedding gift. It was a chalkboard in a frame looked repurposed. The giver had written i chalk the bride and grooms names and drew a couple of simple flowers. There was a big white now n the top corner. It was propped against the gift table so looked pretty that day and then could be used later by the could as a memo board in their home.
Bravo! I can't believe someone is getting upset about vagina but uses squishy. Also, "how terrible for you" is incredibly condescending and presumptuous. Mdc at its best!
I apologise then. Sorry for your troubles.
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