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If you feel that way it's time to start loosening up a bit. Not alot, just a little. Add a holiday section to your budget. Add a "fun" section to your budget so as you can go out and join in and also have something to look forward to. I understand the "living within your means and have no consumer debt" philosophy, as I subscribe to most of it as well, but I draw the line at sacrificing living now to fund a hypothetical retirement. I have seen too many of my...
Yes, I  totally feel this way too! All the fear leading up to this point are from my own insecurities since I was a child at school. It's crazy, liberating, emotional and exciting to be able to challenge ourselves and rise above our own fears while learning from our children. C
I just bought one from a market, second hand, as DS loves the ones at playgroup. I would not pay what they are asking new but he has honestly not been out of it! I think when we do resell I will recoup my money by doing it this way. C
Hi I am looking for a fire engine for DS's 2nd birthday.    Something lovely. I have been looking at the Fargus trucks but are they great quality? Or which other ones would you recommend? I am after a larger one. Any other ideas for a second birthday? We have so far: some dress up capes, a hobby horse, some felt tools, some crayons, books, a wooden bus. thanks C
To form a single castle? Or are they very different in colour and size? I love the kinderkram castle but also like that you can purchase the set of Ostheimer and add to it. Any opinions/advice? thanks C
LOL Thanks everyone. The nanny is booked for Friday. Woohoo! C
I have a four y.o as well. The unschooling handbook is a great start and then anything by John Holt or John Taylor-Gatto has been fantastic for me.  C
Hi I am after something sweet. It is COLD here in Australia and I am thinking that bliss balls might go down well. I have made one lot with 1 cup dates, 1/2 cup almonds, i tbsp raw cocoa, 1/2 vanilla bean, rolled in coconut. They are yum. thanks C
Hi thanks again for replying. I think I am at that naive, early beginner stage of life/unschooling/learning and because we have chosen this path I feel responsible for my children at all times.  I believe that unschooling will challenge me and help us all grow in the most amazing ways and it has already started by making go beyond my comfort zone and understand that my children can learn from everyone. Having a nanny will be another level for them, another...
thanks for replying. I agree, we are trying not to label ourselves as that's where the limitations come in. But I suppose I have been feeling rather guilty that I am putting myself first, perhaps... I don't know...LOL C
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