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I have an ergo too and absolutely love it.  I haven't given the backcarry a fair try yet because I need help getting him on my back and most of the time he is in the carrier I am alone with him.  If you know someone with one definatly see if you can try it out and see if it's comfortable for you.
I agree with baby cakes.  Keep trying and eventually she will take it.   I had the same issue with my son.  I had to go back to work and he wouldn't take a bottle from his dad.  We tried almost every type of bottle.  eventually we got the platex nurser with the latex nipple because it was softer than those silicone ones and he took it.  For the first few days while I was at work he didn't eat a thing then when I came home he made up for it.  When we finally found a...
What cute boys!    birdie:  wolverine just started rolling regularly just recently.  He rolled a bunch of times earlier but nothing constant.  Lately he hass been rolling on hos tummy to play everytime I put him down and the rolls around a bit while playing on the floor or his crib to get around and get to his toys.    I'd love to add more but I feel so braindead from work and wolverine is lookin like he wants cuddlin. 
oooh girl I just got chills and excitement feelings when I read that.  I am so happy for you!  Yay Odin!
Hey girls!  wolverine born 11/8/11   Birdie, I think yhe hair loss thing is because when you are pregnant your hair doesn't fall out, the PP all the hair that would have fallen out then falls out all at once so it seems like a lot.   I can't wait to TTC again but we are waiting a couple/few years.  Still no AF anyway.   wolverine is 5 months!  He just popped 2 teeth on the bottom and is working really hard at rolling.  He wants to roll everywhere.  Oh and...
congrats catheleni!   I can't wait to see everyones babies!
what detergent do you use?  what is your wash routine?
my midwife group offered a free meet and greet type thing.  The family doctor we decided on for the babe had a meet and greet too but for $15.  It isn't covered by insurance.  I didn't really care because I knew that I wanted to go with her, just wanted to meet her first and vibe her out.  Wow that sounded really hippish.  I am sorry that happened to you Boots.  I would have sat in my car and cried. What jerks.
I have an evil HE washer too.  I read tons of reviews before getting it and they were all positive but my experience has been awful. I do a rince/spin cycle first then add my soap and do a heavy load. I have been adding very hot water to the wash once is starts so it has more water to clean with.  Then I do another heavy wash cycle without anymore soap added to it instead of just another rince.  I still get some funk issues and am going to try adding 1/2 cup of bleach to...
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