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I wanted to add my experience because I use both of these diapers on a regular basis.  I love kawaii and feel like size wise they will last longer than my fuzzibunz one size.  I have a chunky guy that has been wearing both of them since a month old so I am not sure how well either will be on a newborn.  I imaging the FB will be fine but the kawaii might be a bit big.  My guy is 4 months now and I prefer the kawaii.  It is wider in the crotch and the rise is higher too...
He is beautiful Birdie!  I am so glad to "see" him and you again!
we only use socks.  don't even own one pair of shoes yet.
theres a wolverine in my bed
thats funny.  my dad recently brought me my raggedy ann doll from when I was a baby that my grandma made me.  I gave it to wolverine.
Thats a good stroller idea boots.  If I had that instead of the travel system I might actually use a stroller.
oh brody you are so cute!  squee!   2 things:  I went to a playdate today with some girls from my hospital pregnancy class today.  during the class I didn't think we had much in common, didn't connect with them really but we had so much fun!  My little dude was a pimp there with the 3 girls.    also I got a nursing bra fitting FINALLY.  3 months later lol.  Anyway I tried on like a million different types of bras and found one I would have loved for the end of...
Just a POA about bottles.  I knew I would need to have bottles on hand because I was planning on pumping and returning to work and DP was going to have to feed him bottles while I was gone.  I would have loved to buy all nice glass bottles but things didn't work out that way.  From what I have found, a lot of babies will have nipple a preference and every bottle has a different size nipple and aren't interchangable.  It is really annoying and could be pretty expensive if...
Thinking of all of you and your lost little ones.
We have this http://www.amazon.com/Skip-Hop-Dash-Deluxe-Charcoal/dp/B000YDIGCC/ref=br_it_dp_o?ie=UTF8&coliid=I3NREL3WTV67W1&colid=2UH6BTI5XP0R0 skip hop diaper bag and I love it.   It is small which I love since I have always been a small messenger bag type person and it is very similar to the bag I already was using except it was a diaper bag with tons of pockets.  I don't bring bottles with me but the exterior pockets are great for my water bottle.  I don't like to...
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