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After my birth I bled for about 3 weeks and then had some small amounts of bleeding after that when my physical activity peeked.  At 7 weeks post partum I had what I thought was my period.  The bleeding was exactly like a period but lasted a couple days longer than my regular periods.  I thought it was really rare to get my period that soon because I was breastfeeding exclusively and my kid was eating every hour.  I talked to my mom about it and she said she got her...
best honey badger video ever!   little did we know how much wolverine would actually be like a wolverine when he came out. 
I am also crossing everything possible for you tickletoes! Yah this is how I feel.  I really wish I had a playmat and a mobile.  We have a mobile I made for him that he LOVES to stare at and same thing, it is just some stuff hanging from the ceiling os I have to stand there and spin it and when it stops he cries.  He also has a wind up toy that plays music and for a while I would spin the mobile and wind up the music ever 2 min and it was so tiring but it was the only...
oh my goodness ericaf what a cute little yorkie!
LaBruja I just went back to work last week and my DS wasn't taking the bottle.  I was gone from 8-5 and the forst day he only took one ounce and the 2nd he took less.  I took him to the Drs (had an appt anyway) and she was unconcerned and said he will get it.  She said because he has some extra weight on him that if he spends a chunk of time not eating then he will be fine as long as he eats at least some sips so he doesn't get dehydrated.  Today he took 4 oz! That is...
Boots just stopped by to say I am so glad honey badger is doing good!  When I had my first us with my first pregnancy the tech said to me that she was amazed at how full my bladder was and noone ever listens to them about how much water to drink then promptly let me pee after the first look.  I almost peed on the table too!
for nursing clothes the only things I really use are nursing tanks, which I love to sleep in because I leak and need to wear something that can hold a breast pad and still comfortable to sleep in.  I only have one and when I get extra money I will get more.  I have no nursing bras yet but now that I am back yo work I need some.  I am just wearing soft sleep bras now, not flattering but comfortable and easy to pop my boob out of the top as well as sleep in when my tank...
I do what brambleberry said.  I wash in cold even to prep.  They still absorb fine.
P.S. my partner really wants those big guy little guy shirts now.
I have a smiley bumbo pic too  
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