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Adding chamomile tea to the bath water can also help with gas. And you can't spoil a baby. If anything, moving him out of your room at this point would be harder on both of you. You'd have to get up and go to him in the night, meaning you're both more awake from the extra time and movement. Babies and moms are designed to desire constant (or near constant) closeness. It's normal and healthy. Babies don't have the mental capacity for manipulation. Even older babies and...
Margaret Lipton was my midwife and I loved her and she provided excellent care. She's listed in the Bloom Spokane directory.
I declined routine ultrasound during my pregnancy. I did have one during labor because there was some concern, but ACOG only recommends ultrasound when medically indicated. If you are concerned about the baby because of decreased fetal movements, bleeding, or some other reason, the an ultrasound is a good idea. If not, and everyone's healthy and things are normal, I wouldn't worry about having one. I view their usage as similar to X-rays. We don't just X-ray things for no...
Oops! Posted twice.
Chiming in with my endorsement of the Glamourmom tanks. I have two and their nursing nightgown and they're all in heavy rotation. They're all comfortable enough to sleep in and the tanks provide enough support that I feel comfortable in them (which I can't normally say of tanks with built in support).
Usually, yes. The headache preceding a seizure tends to be particularly severe from what I understand. Elevated blood pressure can also cause headaches that are more annoying and not especially bad, though. Like I said, I ended up with postpartum preeclampsia and I didn't even know that was possible. So, I'm paranoid about postpartum headaches now. :-) Especially since most people don't know they can still get preeclampsia after the birth.
Have you had your blood pressure checked recently? Not to freak you out, but preeclampsia can develop postpartum (I had it), and headaches are one of the signs. If your bp is normal, then it's probably nothing to worry about. But, watch out for blurry vision and epigastric pain as well if you can't check your bp.
An easy way to get whey (if you want it) is to strain some plain yogurt in cheesecloth or muslin. The finer the cloth, the better, so you don't get yogurt solids in your whey. Or you can make some cheese like mozzarella and save your whey from that. The yogurt option is the quickest and easiest. Depending on how long you strain the yogurt, you'll end up with whey and yogurt that will be thick like Greek style or, if you let it strain off all or nearly all the whey, it'll...
There's a website I occasionally visit at heal-thyself.ning.com that has quite a bit of information on the mercury/candida/chelation issues.  There's also a Facebook page connected to it where you can post questions.  You might find it helpful.  I don't have any experience with what you're dealing with, so no real advice from personal experience.  Maybe someone there can help you.  Good luck.
I have really good luck with a strong nettle infusion for allergies.  It's worked better for me than prescription or otc allergy meds and there are no bad side effects and it's perfectly safe during pregnancy and actually beneficial.  The only contraindication is if you're taking warfarin or blood thinners, as it's high in Vitamin K.     To make the infusion (basically a strong tea) steep 1 oz by weight of dried nettle leaf (about 1 cup) in 4 cups boiling water,...
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