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Wish I had seen this sooner:( I definitely know someone who has a ridiculous amount of experience roofing and who I'm sure has fair rates- let me know if you still in need, and I will send the name and number!
Thank you from me as well! Looking for the same- so glad to have a recommendation!
How great to see other women in the treasure valley! I would feel very confident recommending the Baby Place- I don't have much time at the moment to wax eloquent on why- but I have several friends who have also had their expectations surpassed by the amazing midwives there.
Today is my first day her on MDC and I am ever so delighted:) so very refreshing to be amidst such a supportive group of women! I have not been in touch with any like-minded women so it will be a blessing to share thoughts, experiences, and insights. I am mama to one beautiful fella who was born 12/30/09. There have been an awful lot of books that have been inspiring and thought provoking on this journey, but the three that seem to stand out above the rest (at least at...
Wow!.... So, I read through this thread in it's entireity over the last week; one might say I was a bit excited/ desperate for all the input on CC perspectives:) what an amazing blessing to hear from so many mamas! I have no friends or aqcuaintences who relate much to these concepts... So I hope you are all still around! I want to respond to so very many posts, but I will try to not get ahead of myself and start with the basics. I am mother to one very active and happy...
New Posts  All Forums: