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My 15 mo. old son is on MaineCare and has never had the lead or Vit. D test. It has not been an issue for us.
Finally got a little more done! 29 more today. 1745/2010
Loved the Moby until ds was about 6 mos. Now that he is older & a wiggle worm, the Ergo works best for us.
Another recommendation for a SSC. I have an Ergo and it makes carrying ds on my back for fairly long periods of time a virtual breeze!
53 since my last update. 1716/2010
From one Maine-iac to another, welcome to MDC!
Quote: Originally Posted by Carhootel I always have butter on the counter in a butter dish and it's never melted. gets reeaaaal mushy though Yeah, this has been my experience as well. It only ever flat out melted when I've done something silly like leave it on top of the toaster oven while I made myself a bagel.
121 since last update. Hoping to tackle my room some today! 1663/2010
I am pretty happy with Mainecare. They can be a little confusing with their odd paperwork sometimes, but after a decade of not having health insurance, I really appreciate having it now. We pay $48/month for our entire family. DH recently changed jobs and got a slight pay bump so we'll see what that does to our coverage. I am hoping we won't get dropped!
06/01: 06/02: 06/03: 06/04: 06/05: 06/06: 06/07: $2.24 swap shipping 06/08: 06/09: 8/30 No-spend days $2.24 Frivolously Spent $105.31/$500 Groceries 8/30 Didn't use the dryer days 9/30 Didn't buy my kids clothes days
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