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I am so sorry, AM.  So sorry.  
Make that 3...
How are his bgs now?  Are you eating your normal foods?  I'd switch to your normal diet and test, test, test.  If you can keep his carb/fat/protein relatively stable for a few days, you'll be able to see his bg response more clearly and tweak things.   It takes trial and error to figure out how fat and protein will affect bgs.  Typically, high fat and protein (and choosing low glycemic carbs over high) slow the process of turning food into glucose in the blood.  That is...
No, it's not.
Telling the parent of a newly diagnosed type 1 to stop using insulin is dangerous.  Did you do that?  I was referring to the part I quoted.
This is absolutely wrong and dangerous advice, particularly since the op already mentioned that she thinks "insulin is gross."  Insulin will keep her son alive.  The only way to prolong the honeymoon phase is by keeping bgs as close to normal as possible.  Op, there are plenty of places online to get advice about diabetes.  I now think that it's dangerous for you to do so here.  Try Children With Diabetes, JDRF, Insulin Pumpers,...
Hi Sara,   Sorry to hear about your son's diagnosis. I was diagnosed at 3, and my son at 12 mos.    Finding a good endo/cde is not easy.  The website/forum Insulin Pumpers has an endo referral list.  I've been pumping more than 11 yrs and ds's been pumping since 2 weeks after diagnosis, so I'm a huge believer that it's better and easier.      My guess is that they suggested eating the same amount of carbs every meal to figure out his insulin to carb ratio....
See the response I just posted to the "where to find cute knits" post.  :)
Try www.NaturesFabrics.com.  Jeanne always has a lot of cute knits, and she has great customer service.  If you're planning to use a lot of knits, join her Yahoo group for a discount code and sales.   I've seen Chez Ami recommended a lot, but I haven't purchased anything there myself.  http://www.printknitsstudio.com/ also has good prices and a nice selection.
We bought a Mini Glider for $85 3 yrs ago when dd turned 2.  She was too young then, so ds used it for a year or so, but she uses it all the time now.  I think she'd have been ready at 3ish.  Totally worth the money, and nicer than a typical, heavy 12" bike.  
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