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Nothing to add here except that you're not alone!  Thanks for your post, emom47, and for all the helpful responses!
At the playground or other play-places away from knowing friends?
What fabric?  Fleece, wool, hemp, bamboo?  Need one NOW!!!  
Ever heard of it?
We were just getting ready to order a spiral when my husband had the brilliant idea to convert a wooden train track (the standard, run-of-the-mill one) into a birthday ring.  Questions, though:   Will the candleholders fit (width and depth)? Are the candleholders even necessary?   What else am I not considering?  DH is about to abandon the idea, but I love it!  Help me save our project!
The 2.5 year old DD or the 7 week old DS?  I've tried explaining to DD that I have to get brother to sleep, and she seems to understand.  But what about when it's 9:00 at night and he's still screaming and she's exhausted.  She wants bedtime stuff (books, songs, nursing as she drifts off to sleep).  Just absolutely cannot physically do it!  And I feel terrible about it when she does lie there crying, "I want my mama."  DH is at work, by the way.  Help!
I'm pregnant with Baby #2, and I have had these same feelings.  At 23 weeks, I'm beginning to shake them with more focus on positive thinking, self-centering, prayer.  My midwife and I talked about this at my 15 week check-up, and she assured me that it is perfectly normal.  This was however, the final thing I needed to help me decide to have my placenta encapsulated though.  Don't want to take any risks on negative feelings after Baby is born!
Sorry to hear you're going through this.  Except for the fact that I'm the primary caregiver for our 2 year old daughter, I feel similarly.  I often tell my husband that he is permissive, but not supportive.  He pretty much just goes along with whatever I do, but he is pretty conscientious of what he feeds her, too.  But, if the going gets tough, he'll make an inferior choice instead of spending too much time thinking.  I think the real problem is that he doesn't read...
My 2 year, 1 week old daughter has been fully potty-trained for about three weeks.  Then, Wednesday evening, she slipped while jumping off the coffee table (into her father's arms) and landed kind of straddling the corner of the table.  She immediately cried and said, "Hurts my body!"  (Which is apparently what she calls the diaper region.)   About 2 a.m., she started squirming in bed, and I got up to take her to the potty.  When we got there, she sat down, started...
My 21-month old daughter seems opposite from what I've always heard and read about "potty training".  In diapers, she stays dry, and tells me when she needs to go.  In panties, though, she doesn't seem to care if she pees in them.  (She's pretty reliable about pooping in the potty whether she's in diaper or panties.)  She will come get me and show me that she peed on the floor if she does that so I feel like she understands that pee doesn't go on the floor.   We...
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