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Dd checked out the Ella Enchanted movie from the library a while back, but I thought I remembered that there was a book by that name, so I sort of tucked it away and returned it later without watching it.  We're trying to read the book first, if the movie is based on a book.  Now I'm really glad I did that, hearing that the movie isn't as good as the book!
Welcome new faces!!!  No real rules here, just have fun.  Some of us keep track of the total number of books we read, some just review our books, some both.  All of us get ideas for good ones to read or ones that are not so hot.  Have fun!   Oooh!!  I love Neil Gaiman!  And I've heard his narrating is great.  I also heard they are going to a radio play of Neverwhere?......I don't know the details, but I remember a LOT of awesome actors being named as being part of it....
Thanks for starting the new thread.  :)   Happy February!!  
Thanks for working on it for us!
Thanks for starting the thread!
Oh, good question, I just came to try it.  It still doesn't work?  Bummer.
Oh, cool, thanks for doing that Holland and thanks for helping us Heatherdeg!
Hey Folks, I've been trying to start the February thread but it won't let me start a new thread unless I tag where the thread belongs, and the area at the bottom of the content field that thats "tag this thread" is unclickable and doesn't have a tag category for me to check.  So.....I haven't started the new thread yet.  If anyone else would like to try here's the content for the first post of every monthly thread;   So, just by way of clarification (for comers both...
#2 Suttree by Cormac McCarthy Just enh.  I normally love Cormac McCarthy.  And while this one had beautiful writing, as he always does, I just couldn't get excited about the plot, or lack thereof.  He's a poet, for sure, but this just did not speak to me.   #3 Where'd You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple Very funny, quick read.  Done all in letters, emails, diary entries, etc.  Mostly set in Seattle.  Light read.   #4 The Fran Lebowitz Reader I like Fran...
Lots of fun books so far!  Y'all have me adding to my list!     Fun!  For some reason, I thought Gone Girl was her first book.  I'm glad to hear I won't be waiting for another book by her.  I can't wait to read Gone Girl.  I"m about 1182nd in line for it from our local library.     That's too bad!  I had heard that was a good one too! I have a bunch of books to post.  And I will do it as soon as I get a few minutes here at the office! :)
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