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Wow that's really hard...I'm sure she'll be upset but not at YOU. I had the same thing happen to me, I had a m/c before I got pregnant with my first daughter and not even 2 weeks later my best friend found out she was pregnant! I was happy for her but I was still getting over my own loss, and that was way earlier not at 18 weeks.   I would probably wait a little bit to tell her when the news isn't so fresh, and just let her know that you were having some problems...
Sorry if this has been asked already...but I was just wondering who else is using cloth and have you started your stash yet??   I've gotten a bunch of newborn fitteds (mostly on FSOT), 3 PUL covers and two pairs of wool shorties. I am knitting a couple things myself too (cheaper that way :o)   I also got 12 Happy Heiny minis from my former doula who has an online store, she gave me a good deal.    
I do see a chiropractor...every week in fact! I honestly don't know how I would get through it without him! And the post partum stuff to so everything goes back to normal in the right place!
April holy cow!!!   I'm thinking about buying our car seat this month...I want a Chicco keyfit because it'll snap on to my double stroller. I just got a 20% off coupon for BRU and I have a $10 gift card that I got for free by registering there.
I bet you could get a Beco in camo print! Or maybe a Babyhawk Oh Snap...they do custom fabrics I think?  
I totally understand! I gained over 70 lbs with #1 (mostly because of the pre-e) but I still gained about 60 lbs with DS :( I've already gained 20 this time!!      
Also the motivation during labor was brought up to me by another NCB friend...I love the idea! It's like you'll be so excited to find out that it might give a little extra energy during transition/pushing lol!  
I have had a hard time finding cute gender neutral stuff too! It's either a rubber duckie theme or it still looks totally boyish to me :/   I am actually planning on going in July/beginning of August to buy a bunch of outfits in both genders and save the receipts, that way I can have DH or MIL take the other stuff back :D  
I have really loose joints in the first place, and I have fibromyalgia/chronic pain syndrome at least since I was in the military :( With this pregnancy it has started WAY earlier than usual and it's gotten to the point today where I can barely even walk around the house! I am really frustrated because I've been trying to exercise but it's really hard when I'm in so much pain. My pubic bone is the main problem but really everything down there because of the pregnancy...
We are on "team green" right now, but the past couple days I've kind of been wavering...I've just been in a bad mood and need some retail therapy lol!   I did find out with both of my other children, and this will definitely be our last, so I kind of just want the experience you know? I have already bought some really reeeally cheap girl and boy newborn clothes at the giant twice a year consignment sale we have in our town. And I found an FRB of gender neutral...
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