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Quote: Originally Posted by Shanna4000 Michele, are you experiencing any "die-off" symptoms? I'm a little concerned by how "normal" I feel.... in responding-crazy day here yesterday! I have had lots of breakouts-not been an isssue for me before, so I feel like it is "stuff" coming out. That and a headache a bit the first day, oh, and going pee like crazy! Well, day five, we have moved forward a bit-added stage 1 fruits and veggies...
Thank you Shanna! I feel better this afternoon, just seeing my DS improving is keeping me going! I think the eat, sleep, excercise idea is great-and that is kind of what we do here-we are very active with running, walking or going for a hike everyday-rain or shine! That has helped, and it also makes me hungry! I think I was seriously addicted to carbs and while I am a lot better now, still crave some crunch now and then! I also like the idea of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shanna4000 Whew! Day 3...... I'm still hanging in there - don't kill me, but I think that I could even go a little bit longer if I needed to - I"ve managed to keep so busy that I've only noticed it a few times when I've been hungry and haven't felt like making an egg or a beef patty. I think I've lost some weight already! I haven't had any symptoms of die-off - should I be concerned? Oh, I hope my book comes in soon: Is...
Quote: Originally Posted by JaneS Literally like 10 T. of coconut oil or it's equivalent in milk a day! (The regular rec. for coconut oil is 3 1/2 T. day for an adult to see benefits). How would you eat this? Smoothies? Eggs? Thanks
Here's my new siggy-need to get some pics on it, too. His eyes are clearer and he is so much calmer and happier already
Another ?-Stacy Refresh my memory-what symptoms are you dealng with, if you don't mind sharing ? Get that chicken in-mine is set to begin in about half an hour.....getting a bit tired of chicken today . My DS has been doing well-found an old raisin on the back porch and put it in his mouth-chewed, and spit out! Funny!
Good to hear your update Shanna! Sounds like all is going well-great to hear that it may already br helping your acne Day 2 here as well-plan on roasting a chicken this afternoon and getting a batch of yogurt into the oven after that. My little guy did great yesterday and actually slept a couple of two hours stretches-a rarity for him! Off to have some eggs!
Stacy-how long do you plan to stay on the intro? Snack recommendations? Yogurt and gelatin is what we have used today-any more ideas?
Quote: Originally Posted by firefaery Compliment in the way of info or recipes? Umm, yes to both! Ex.-EFLF? Worth it or borrow from library?
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