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Quote: Originally Posted by chasmyn Can you post the recipe for the homemade nut butter bars? Please do! Thanks,
Mehera, I am nursing my guy in diapers and I have not had a problem with rashes. Sorry to hear that the girls are going through this! Hope you can pinpoint the cause and get them back on track quickly!
Well, I tried Hibou's waffles-they were the perfect texture! Light and crispy-but, my kids hated the taste. I have used only rye flour for the starter-do you think if I used WW that maybe the flavor wouldn't be so.....overwhelming? Hibou-which bread recipe do you use from the bread book you mentioned? Thanks to all of you for keeping this thread going-I am determined to find a few reciped that we all love-just takes some trial and error!
Quote: Originally Posted by memory maker I do have some kefir grains I can mail. PM me and I can get them out next week so they dont have to sit over the weekend. I just need payment for the shipping $4.05 for priority I PM'd you but my computer is doing weird things-let me know if it didn't come through-thanks! Michele
Thanks, Ladies, for the starter tips-I can't wait to try it! I am intrigued by capturing starter outdoors-so cool! I am looking for Kefir grains now-any tips? I found the online source quoted in the NT book, just have not ordered yet.
Anna-which bread recipe did you use? I am so afraid to try after reading all the posts of bread that did not turn out....any more tips? Thanks!
I am so glad I am not the only one!! I, too, cringe watching my kids eat meat-just so far from where I was. Veg was comfortable, easy to just say no to meat at gatherings and no one looked funny at me-well, not any more as I had been doing this for years.... I do not even know how to pick out meat-found a source for grass-fed-feel like an idiot because other than ground, the other cuts mean nothing to me. Let's do this together, mama's!
Subbing, still healing and will update later-kids are calling...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shanna4000 Anyone have any bare-bones instructions on soaking grains and fermenting beans? I'm inspired and want to get started before I can get to the library http://www.alpharubicon.com/primitiv...oodstorell.htm I found this last week when I was waiting for my book! It gives a brief explaination on and a few tips on soaking oats and rice. I followed it with success. I am sure there are better links, but...
Thanks for the link and the substitution advice! Why, yes, the carrot recipe would be loved around here!! Thanks!
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