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OK-I posted this in Dental over the weekend and did not get a response. I am coming here to you mama's because I know some of you have had dental issues worked on while nursing. I broke a molar over the weekend-filled with an old filling. Went to the dentist today-just a local office on my dental plan. She recommended a crown-too much of the tooth is filled and the break was an entire corner. Also, to ramp up the fear-she felt there was decay under the old filling...
Subbing-I am nursing my "Little Lorenzo" who just turned two this week-still nursing many, many times a day and night! Firefaery-care to share that raw chocolate cake recipe????? Thanks!
I have an appointment tomorrow just to see what the dentists recommends. I am worried that she will want to smooth down the rough edges which are very close to the nasty metal filling..... Thanks!
I am ready to add some enzymes and was just wondering if anyone has a favorite place to buy these? Thanks!
Hi, I am looking for some help on how to deal with a tooth of mine that broke over the weekend. It is not causing me pain, just a little rough. It is a molar with an old filling in it. I need to know what to ask for when/if I visit my dentist-I plan to eventually remove my old fillings but I am currently nursing my two year old and do not plan to stop bf'ing in the near future. Thanks for you advice!
Quote: Originally Posted by memory maker does 1 cup nuts equal 1 cup nut flour after they are ground? Unfortunately, not in my experience-it takes more like 2 cups almonds, at least, and that really eats up my supply!
[QUOTE=Siana]An SCD meal we were making long before SCD... Salmon loaf 2 x 213g or 1 x 418g. canned salmon, drained, flaked 2 eggs, beaten 1/2 c. Nut flour Pinch salt Pinch dill or to taste (I think this is legal, it's no on the list) 2 Tbsp. parsley or green onions Mix all together. Place in bread pan. Bake at 400F for 45 minutes. We always served it with plenty of vegetables. Hey Siana, We do this and make it into patties-even my very picky eater...
[QUOTE=Fay]Wow, I'm simply awed by the breadth of knowledge and experience here. Hi Fay, I wanted to welcome you and tell you to stick around, I have found so much helpful information here. I can imagine how diffucult this journey is, especially when you and DH have a difference of opinion. My thoughts are with you, Michele
sarahariz-thanks for your response-I have that book as well, just need to sit with it for awhile. I think one of my faults is jumping in with both feet instead of moving a bit slowly-just anxious for results... Also, thanks Sianaand Pattyla of you that had suggestions for cost savings-my biggest ?hang up? is that I want everything organic and we all know what that does to the budget! Has anyone read the No Grain Diet by Mercola? Opinions-Input? Thanks-I...
I was so frustrated last night that I posted this over in NT's thread-oops! Feeling Frustrated! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK-a bit of background here: I started reading this forum over a month ago, read the books and really truly think my family needs SCD! My problem is implementing it on our budget. We are a family of 3 adults (a foreign exchange student-a very hungry foreign exchange student) and four...
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