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OK-a bit of background here: I started reading this forum over a month ago, read the books and really truly think my family needs SCD! My problem is implementing it on our budget. We are a family of 3 adults (a foreign exchange student-a very hungry foreign exchange student) and four children-11, 9, 5, 2. We have been doing SCD now for 11 days-feel great-see some changes in the kids-but I am running out of money! My DH and I were at our local Co-op store and he...
Firefaery-Can I just say YUM! Thanks for sharing those-added to my list-always looking for something sweet and healthy! Off to finish my 24 hour yogurt...
My experience so far- 20 days from exposing all four of my kids-one child came down with it. He had one blister for 24 hours, then fever appeared for 24 hours, more spots and blister showing up hourly for about three days. 12 days later-two more kids broke out-each with a red spot initially, then more hourly all day today. Not much fever with these two. One child left! Good luck-we have quite a few cases in this area-funny-most are immunized!
Thanks firefaery-that just totally simplifies it! That is not too far from where I am-just need to help my kiddos transition from lots of baked goods-all homemade, all organic, but alas, wheat Cool zanelee-I'll look that up as well! Off to shop!
Sorry-I thought of another couple of questions- Source for almonds-what type-raw/salted, etc.? Source for DCCC? Thanks!
Hey Jane, just a word of thanks again for your wisdom and links last month. I have a question-are some of you combining NT and SCD? If so, how? I have both books, I am just so confused!!! Thanks again,
Subbing We are on day two-still feel in the dark-but thank all of you for being willing to share your stories and knowledge!
I am right there with you, Yooper! We do not eat out all that much now, but are planning a month long visit to family this summer. Subscribing and anxiously awaiting suggestions!
Hi-I have four children and we were exposed (intentionally) three weeks from the day of my youngest's break-out. He is still nursing and although he had many "spots", he did very well! I gave him Pulsatilla and lot's of holding. I am just waiting for the rest to break-out..... Just in our small group here in MN, there were at least 6 cases of kids breaking out although they had the shot-hmm.... Good luck!
[QUOTE=Annikate]. I had dd's and mine tested because I STUPIDLY had amalgam fillings removed when dd was only 3 months old. This, combined with her symptoms, prompted me to test. Annikate-I am still learning about this, so please excuse the possibly dumb question, but when should the fillings be removed? Why was it stupid to do it then? Thanks!
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