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Thanks, JaneS, for taking the time to respond to all of our questions! I am taking this all in, ordering tons of books from my library, and planning some meals. I am also dealing with Chicken Pox in my not-quite-two-year old and watching for signs in the rest of the gang, so things are a bit crazy here! Thanks again! Michele
Ok-I am reading and reading, and wonder if any of you can tell me where to start. I know my family has yeast issues and maybe even food allergies. We eat "healthy" and "organic" mostly vegetarian, few to no processed food. But we rely on grains for most of our meals-rice/beans, pasta, breads. I don't know where to start-looking into NT and the SCD, reading about suppliments and enzymes-it's just overwhelming. I appreciate any ideas and attempts to point me in the...
Love, Love, Love my Lunapads! I bought them from Inge at http://www.DiaperWare.com and she made up a package for me and gave me a 10% discount! I have used them for two months now and they wash and wear beautifully. I do not think size will be an issue-the long/overnights may be a bit large, but I only use those for the early nights. HTH, Michele
Thanks LaurenS, I was not so much trying to sterilize, just get rid of the stink! How can such a cutie be so stinky? We only have a rare poop as well, and everything looks and smells great right out of the wash, but after a pee or two, look out! Any suggestions as to how to rid them of the smell? Thanks!
As I stand at my stove, watching my dipes boil away, I am asking if you think BS alone will kill the bacteria and keep them clean? I have super soft well water and a HE washer. In an effort to avoid soap build up, I fear I may have been using too little and have germy dipes : ! These are mostly pee dipes from an exclusively BF'd baby, we EC for the BM's-how's that for alot of abbreviations, thanks!
JaneS, for the links! I have alot of research ahead of me, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to avoid the issues that so many in my extended family deal with daily. Thanks again,
I hope this is not too off topic and someone can help me get a clear picture on this; I have a strong family history of allergies, asthma, colitis, Crohn's Disease, and Celiac's, and eczema, please pardon the spelling...My question is, can I be proactive-can I change my diet, and my four children's in order to prevent this in our future? My ten year old had a battle with what his Dr. called eczema last winter-his skin peeled off his hands constantly until they were...
Hey! Thanks for the question and the response! I am dealing with the same thing here with my guy. He is nursing lots and pooping lots, but still pretty miserable. I'll try the shower thing tonight-he seems worse at night and laying down makes him choke.
I saw a post about this a couple of months ago and was surprised to see how many mamas used just plain water. I used a bit of soap prior to reading that post, but since then, I have used water only on all my kids-from 5 months to 9 years! I was skeptical at first, but even after a day playing in the lake and in the mud puddles, they simply wash with water and came clean!
No, oil doesn't seem too bad here! I did the sugar today and loved it! Thanks for the idea!
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