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My microwave is built in, but it will sit unused and lonely from now on!! Thanks, Ava!
Gonna try some tea tree tomorrow! That or start using my hubby's grill cleaning brush :!
I have been no-poo for over a month and I really do not think this is related to not using shampoo because I have experienced it after the birth of all my children and during stressful times. It does seem worse now, or I am less tolerant! It is driving me crazy and I would appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by ShannonCC All I know is that I was like you when I was using poo. If I skipped a day my hair smelled, looked oily and (sorry if this is gross) my scalp would get itchy build up of some sort of gunk. Now I use baking soda followed by a diluted white vinegar rinse maybe twice a week and and I go 2 or 3 days in between just "washing" my hair with water and nothing else. I also sometimes use egg, honey or tea when I'm feeling...
Hi Amy! I have used wiped from Darling Diapers and love them! We are going to family wipes, so last night I cut some flannel squares out of some fabric scraps I had and will sew two layers together for my 3 year old and I to use. I have read some moms have used old receiving blankets! I use plain water on my wipes and we have not had any problems! Hope that helps!
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaAllNatural What are the benefits of beer? I'm interested in learning more. Not sure what benefits there are, but I'm old and I remember the Body on Tap shampoo in the 80's-lol! It seemed to add a bit of body and held me over a few days instead of a bs/acv wash. I just used a few Tbsp. and diluted it with water and used it after I had rinsed with plain water.
Have you seen and felt some of the cloth baby wipes? Mine are so nice, I was jealous my little man got to pamper his bum and we didn't! I cannot wait to start when my order arrives. My 3 year old dd also wants to stop flushing things down the toilet because we recycle almost everything else, to her is just makes sense!
I have been using baking soda, anything wrong with this? I missed the minty taste for a few days, but my teeth feel much more polished and my morning breath has been much milder, as well.
A great idea for a co-op! I was just looking for something for our picnic lunches. Would a PUL bag work for this? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by quest4quiet We use baking soda. You can also put vinegar in where the rinse aid stuff goes and it works great. We used to use Ecover. It's availabe at most hfs, but it can get pricey after a while. Really!! I had wondered if that would work. How much do you use? Thanks!
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