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Thanks for your response... Choosing the right provider is exactly our aim right now. I'm hoping for some help on this board with that. We've done a lot of research, visited the hospital in Bangkok (and, my daughter has visited both hospitals here).   
Thanks for the information...Yes, I posted this message in the "find your tribe" section as well. Also, thank you for the LLL link - heading there right now!  
Hello to the Mothering Community!   I am asking on behalf of my daughter, who lives in Koh Samui, Thailand, if anyone knows of a midwife or doula on Koh Samui. My daughter, an expat from California, is due with her first child in February of 2011 and is finding that the closest hospital to give birth in any natural way is far away in Bangkok.    Can anyone help with more information?    Thank you all!
Hello!   I am new to this Forum, so, I am hoping I've posted in the correct section.    My daughter is pregnant with her first child (due in mid-February 2011) and living in Koh Samui with her husband. They are searching for a midwife or doula. Also, searching for childbirth education classes.    So far the closest hospital that has a natural childbirth center is in Bangkok, which is quite a distance away.   Does anyone have suggestions?   Thank you!
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