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My c/s and VBAC were 13mths apart. I was told the ideal time to start TTC again was when DD was 6mths old. Everything was fine and my midwife never said anything about the gap.
Currently 5 successful VBACs, my 6th will be in March next year. My 2nd and 3rd VBACs were homebirths and my last 2 babies were 2lbs bigger than my 'stuck' c/s baby.
Totally agree with cairo also. I had 13mths between my c/s and VBAC. The best thing is make sure you have a very supportive OB/midwife and dont hesitate to ask questions and lots of them. The more questions you ask the more you will see how supportive they are of VBACs. Good luck :).
My c/s baby (c/s due to position and failed induction) was my smallest at 7lbs 12oz. My Vbac babies were 9lbs, 8lbs 7oz, 8lbs 10oz and 9lbs 12oz.
Name: Kim EDD: (estimated due date) 6th April #Pregnancy/baby: Our 6th Your age/age at the birth: 28 Family: DH, DD 8yrs, DD 7yrs, DS 5yrs, DS 4yrs, DS 12mths old How long did it take to get your BFP: (big fat positive, were you trying/how long?) Werent trying, werent preventing Birth plans: Homebirth Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: To enjoy every minute of it as it will be our last baby Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): Hoping for a girl...
My C/S was a combination of DD not decending and being induced with a malpositioned baby which put DD in to distress. My DD never decended into my pelvis (she was 7lbs 12oz and i got to 8cms) and after my birth my midwife said 'maybe you just have a small pelvis' i didnt believe her lol. When i was 32wks pregnant with #2 she wasnt engaging either and i read online about chiropractors so i though i'd give it a try. I found a great on and found out that i had a twisted...
When will my next baby be born? Thanx
Do you see DP and i having anymore children, if so when? Thanx
My first baby was a failure to decend baby, she also got distressed so had a c/s. At 32wks pregnant with my second i went to a chiropractor and found out that i had a twisted pelvis, he realigned me and clicked me and a week later my daughter had decended into my pelvis and i got my VBAC 13mths after my c/s and she was 1lb bigger than my first. So YES it can be done! Have faith and try and avoid going to the hospital until the last minute.
A friend of mine cracked her rib while pregnant and had her baby girl 1wk ago with no problems at all, she had to have the bubba at hospital (was planning a homebirth) because of the drugs she was on for the pain as it caused her daughter to have some breathing problems at birth but all is great now and i dont think it affected her during labour (well she didnt say anything about it to me). good luck.
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