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Quote: Originally Posted by mlec Please don't be so upset; she is *not* lying! She is experimenting with the power of language. And it is totally developmentally appropriate. Maria Montessori observed this in children, particularly from 3.5 to 5 yrs old, depending on the child's development. At my daughter's Montessori school, they explain that the most helpful thing for the child, and others who her behavior may impact is just to play along. Not like...
My 3yo is driving me insane. Her contant lying and made up stories about things that are untrue and never happened. I really dont know how to deal with it, i have tried to tell her that those things didnt happen but she always insists that they did. I know she has a very creative mind but how can i teach her fiction from fact at a young age? My 4yo is nothing like this, any ideas would be so helpful. TIA
Thats great news. Dont worry too much about the close gap, i had 13mths between my c/s and VBAC.
DD1 - Wednesday DD2 - Tuesday DS1 - Thursday DS2 - Friday
For DS1s birth i was on all fours on our bed and after he was born the midwife passed him between my legs then i turned over. With DS2 i birthed him on our lounge floor and we have wooden floors! I had a pillow with towels and a plastic backed sheet on that i had my knees on annd there where other towels all over the floor too. DP caught DS and held him so i could turn over and i just sat on the floor until the placenta was delivered and the midwives and DP helped me up...
#1 - 4.07am (emergency c/s) #2 - 8.24pm VBAC #3 - 1.43am #4 - 2.51pm All totally different, i found with my last one who was born in the day at home with the curtains open didnt open his eyes for the first few days all the others were wide eyed when they were born.
After my first birth where my daughter didnt even engage my midwife at the time said to me oh well you can try and have a normal birth next time but you might have to have another c/s because your pelvis might just be too small. Well my next midwife after doing an internal (during labour) told me my pelvis was huge and my bubba head was floating around in there because it had so much room and all my VBAC babies heads have been like c/s heads with no moulding! (my c/s baby...
I think its up to you and if your doctor/midwife/whatever will let you VBAC with a certain age gap. I have 13mths between my c/s and first VBAC, then 21mths, then 18mths and never had any problems.
#1 - 41wks 3days (forced induction ending in c/s) #2 - 40wks 2days (spontaneous) #3 - 42wks 4days (spontaneous) #4 - 39wks 5days (spontaneous)
I didnt find it that messy, i had DS on our bed and the midwife had put down sheets and towels etc and amazing caught everything including when my waters broke right before he was born. There was only 1 small patch of blood that went on to our sheets. With DS2 i birthed him on the floor in our lounge/leaning over the couch and it was a lot messier as i had my waters broken and there was so much of it!! But the midwives were good at catching everything and nothing got away,...
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