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I really felt that way after having my third. I felt that he would be my last but it took me until he was 6mths old to say that out loud, that it was my last baby and that i was happy with my 3. DP didnt want anymore and i really didnt think i could cope with another one (still dont). When DS was 10mths old i found out i was pregnant i was so shocked and so was DP. It really took me a good couple of months to get excited about it but we are now and this WILL be our last!
Congrats to your friend!! I had the exact same thing during my 1st VBAC, stalled and got the epi in prep for my c/s then whoosh on again!!
I had written in my birth plan no episiotomy and well OB and midwife still decided to cut me without asking. At the time didnt really think much of it but now i do, especially since when i had my third at home it ripped apart exactly where the scar was.
I went to a chiropractor while pregnant with DD2 at 33wks. DD1s birth wasnt good, she never decended into my pelvis and had to have a c/s. My chiro found that i had a twisted pelvis and adjusted me, i went again 2 days later and that afternoon DD2 engaged into my pelvis. It made a huge difference to me and am still going now and again when i need it, as i get more further long in my pregnancy i will go more often, probably once a week from 34wks.
No i dont and am very grateful that my MIL was there too because i know that my Mum was very nervous! I noticed it during labour but didnt dwell on it and carried on. MIL kept her busy talking to her etc, and they did a lot of things like adding more hot water to the pool and heating up wheat bags. They kept to themselves a lot and stayed quiet and out of the way in the kitchen, having lots of cups of tea, until they were needed and were both in the room when DS was born....
Im due 11/11 with baby #4. Its my 3rd VBAC and 2nd HBAC and cant wait, only 30wks to go lol.
I was sniffing it and using it in my bath a few times when i was overdue with DS and it did nothing for me. I have heard that you shouldnt sniff it until 38-39wks because for some people it can bring on labour.
All of mine have been different. #1 10 days overdue, was told i had to be induced, distress, c/s. #2 went into labour naturally born 2 days after her due date. #3 was 18 days overdue by scan date and 10 days by my date. I never had any VE's so im not sure how dilated i was until i had asked to have a stretch and sweep 24hrs before i went into labour and was stretched to 8cms! My midwife was good and was happy to wait as long as i wanted to and respected my wishes with no...
I had this talk with my midwife at our last appointment. I have twins in the family but we dont think we have twins but you never know, will find out for sure in a couple of weeks. I would definatly have a homebirth if i had twins, only if they were head down and own placentas and sacs, even my midwife said to me that she would be happy to attend me if i indeed are carrying twins which is fantastic. I say go for it, if its what you want.
With my first VBAC it was very long and i stalled at 5cms for about 6hrs (stalled with the first also) until i got the epidural and then we were away again and i had a cervical lip, i think it was about 12hrs all up. With my second (HBAC) it was 7hrs from start to finish, i found i was so much more relaxed and didnt think about how long it was taking just let my body go with it and i think that helped me not stall, but who knows. Way easier than my first VBAC.
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